At Italian Cone Enterprises, we have spent much time perfecting our range of premium ice creams and drinkable products. Not only are our delicious creamy offerings impossible to resist, they are extremely easy to store, transport and prepare.

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Yoghurt (in powder form with imported live culture) 

SuperYogi and YogiMania Yoghurt Powder Mix

SuperYogi and YogiMania are two state-of-the-art yogurt powder mixes developed by Italian Cone Enterprises with the help of German laboratory specializing in Live Yogurt Culture. Read More >>>

Soft Serve Ice Cream


This product is our pride and joy. Read More >>>


Smoothies from Italian Cone Enterprises!


Italian Cone Enterprise's own version of the famous creamy coffee drink, on ice. Indulge your sweet tooth today with this low-fat, low-cholesterol treat. Read more >>>


Double Fudge Mocha

Chocolate lovers, coffee connoisseurs and sugar addicts will be unable to resist the decadent taste of Italian Cone Enterprise's Double Fudge Mocha. It's a good thing then that this treat is low-fat and cholesterol-free. Read more >>>                                                                          

Vanilla Frost

Experience the refreshing taste of Italian Cone Enterprise's Vanilla Frost. This versatile drink can be enjoyed hot or cold. Low-fat and cholesterol-free, you don't have to worry about spoiling yourself. Read more >>> 

Chai Latté Tea

Drink it steaming hot or ice cold. Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised by our low-fat chai latté tea, which combines the aroma of exotic spices with irresistible tastes from afar. Read more >>>

Granita Machine

Our granita machine is a multi-functional masterpiece. Combining easy operation with super-quick preparation time, the granita machine allows you to satisfy customer demands with minimal hassle. Drawing on the latest technology and made from durable materials, these machines make iced drinks, sherbets and milkshakes with equal ease. 

Concentrate Imitation Juice


NutroMix is unique fruit juice with an irresistibly smooth milk-textured base. Simply add tap water to the concentrated powder and experience NutroMix's five fruity flavours for yourself.  Read more >>> 


Orangina is Italian Cone Enterprise's special fruit-flavoured juice. Milder, but thicker in texture than NutroMix, one sip of Orangina will have you imagining you're on that Caribbean island vacation you always dreamed of. Uses tap water. Read more >>> 


Tropic Slush

Our Slush Special Formula prevents separation of the Fruit flavor from the Ice particles.

Coffee Creamers

Cream O Lé

Given Italian Cone Enterprise's commitment to quality, it's not surprising that we've produced the creamiest tea and coffee creamer yet.  Cream Olé: Get real! It's so creamy! Read more >>>