Experience our newly developed, game changing product.

PrimiGelato was developed with the help of our colleagues From Holland and Italy over a period of 6 months and was Launched mid April 2017.

This is a complete new product, not a revamp by any stretch of imagination.

PrimiGelato is used primarily to make Soft-Serve of the highest quality, but this amazing product can used to make Scoop Ice-Cream alike.
Scoop Ice-cream can be done through a normal Soft-Serve machine and the product can be frozen in a regular Chest-Freezer. No special equipment is required!


Packaging Configuration

8 x ±2 Kg sachets in a white carton box. Total weight  16.00 Kg
Box size : 372 x 315 x 235 mm.

The product can be used for Soft-Serve and Scoop Ice-Cream, follow Instructions on the packaging.

Each sachet mixes with 5 liters of tap water and will make a 7 liter mix.


Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Lime, Pineapple, Mango, Bubblegum.

Shelf-life : 15 months when stored in cool shaded area.
International Customs Tariff code 210690.90.7
20” container stores 1000 Boxes
The product carries S.A.N.H.A Halaal Certificate no. KZN/FM/1923